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Radcliffe Advisory Services is pleased to offer a range of presentations on the subjects of Master Data Management (MDM) and Big Data. These presentations are available for public keynotes or internal meetings and can be delivered either in person or over WebEx. They can be combined or customised as required and workshop formats are also available.

Contact us at info@radcliffeadvisory.com to discuss your requirements.

How to Succeed with Master Data Management: Eight Key Things to Get Right

Whether your organization is just starting with Master Data Management (MDM) or it’s trying to move on from previous suboptimal experiences, there is a need to understand the fundamentals that create the basis for MDM success. This presentation focuses on the eight key things you need to get right, whatever the organization and whatever its state of MDM maturity. If you are an MDM program manager, this presentation will help you optimize your approach to MDM, resulting in a higher chance of success (and lower risk of failure).

Put MDM at the heart of your Trusted 360 Degree Customer View

Organizations are reengineering their business strategies to meet the challenges of digital disruption in a world of proliferating interaction points. More specifically, they are trying to create the right customer experiences to drive customer engagement. One thing is clear, the ability to leverage a trusted 360 degree view of the customer is fundamental to delivering the customer experience across the many steps of the customer journey. This presentation will show how you can meet the new business demands that your organization faces by placing Master Data Management at the heart of your plans for a trusted, organization-wide 360 degree customer view.

What will Master Data Management look like in 2020? How will this affect you?

Change is the only constant. And as Gordon Moore said in 1965 “Change will never be this slow again”. So, where is Master Data Management (MDM) going in the future? How will it change over the next few years? How should it respond to the new business needs and the new business models? How will it leverage new technologies and new technological paradigms? What will stay the same and what will need to change? How can we plan for this brave new world? This presentation explores how MDM will change over the next few years and will help you with your strategic planning